Our Philosophy: Going for Everything

We parents do the monumental job of bringing up the future citizens of the world amazingly well under extremely adverse conditions. We deserve appreciation and respect for this work. We deserve opportunities to be listened to lovingly and thoroughly -- both about how deeply we care about our children and about all the things that make it hard. And we deserve changes in the society that would better support our job as parents.

Our children deserve relaxed and richly stimulating environments. They deserve our confident, unworried unconditional love and full respect. They deserve opportunities to bring up the difficulties they face and get help in healing the hurts that limit their functioning. They deserve adult models who care deeply, enjoy life immensely and take power in the world around them.

Both we and our children deserve more than we currently get. The goal of this journal is to share perspectives, experiences, and successes that will allow us all to identify and claim more and more of what we deserve -- for our children and for ourselves.