About Us

[Pamela with son Timothy]
Pamela Haines has raised two children from birth, acquired two more along the way, and currently runs a family center with her husband—along with her paid work of building leadership and advocacy among childcare workers.

She has twenty five years of experience leading parent & infant/toddler groups, family play-days, parent classes and workshops, all over the Philadelphia area and as far away as Poland. She was the founder and editor of Our Children, Ourselves; A Journal for Parents, which was published from 1987 through 2002, and she wrote a parenting column for a Philadelphia newspaper for five years. Her articles have appeared in over a dozen newspapers and journals across the country.

Now that her children are older, she writes on a broader range of topics; some of that writing can be found at www.pamelascolumn.blogspot.com. With a colleague she has also developed a web-based study/action program, START, that groups can use to learn and work together to create a better world.

You can e-mail her at pamela@ourchildrenourselves.org. She's happy to talk with you.